Our Story

Inspired by the Apurimac river, the source of the Earth’s largest and most valuable fresh water river: The Amazon River. Since 2006, Apurimac, has been the source of Digital Media and Marketing in Africa.

We deliver digital marketing excellence from Africa to the World. Apurimac Africa is a trusted partner for trusted digital businesses such as Yahoo and Maple looking to expand into Africa.

We also work closely with African businesses such as South African and Mauritius Tourism whom are looking to expand globally. At Apurimac we deliver excellence by improving marketing with Digital Intelligence.

Together we are United by Digital.


Your brand needs an audience. Like a hotel needs guests.

We are specialists in delivering the best campaign to the best audience at the best time. From Programmatic to Premium. From Social to Video. From Mobile to Desktop. From Native to Direct Response. From Brand Awareness to Hot Leads.

We have a solution to meet any budget and exceed any goal.

Your Goal is Our Goal, Your Successes are our Successes.

He who has the best idea, executed beautifully and distributed first; Wins.

As a Marketing solutions company born from Digital Media in Africa, we understand the complexity and cost of successfully implementing campaigns that deliver results on time.

Through our network of global, regional and local companies and people – we assist to deliver Creative solution that Win.

We Improve marketing with Intelligence.

Having pioneered Digital Marketing across Africa since 2006 we have a wealth of marketing data across every industry and category. From Market Intelligence relating to Brand and Product Usage;

To customised Research Surveys.
We have an independent and integrated research solution to meet any marketing attribution goal across Africa.

“People do business with people they like.”

Why Work with us?

We’re Independent

We are free to work with whomever we want to work with and whatever our clients want us to work on. This freedom and flexibility also makes business sense in one of the most dynamic industries in the world.

We have Experience:

Across multiple brand categories (Finance, Travel, Telco, FMCG, Retail, Tech), Countries (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, India, UK, France, China, Italy, Germany, Spain) and digital media platforms (Mobile, Display, Video, Native & Social).

We Deliver Results:

Your business and brand goals are our goals. Your successes are our successes.

We Trust and are Trusted:

With a long legacy of trusted partnerships with some of the worlds biggest and most trusted digital brands. Trust is not bought, it is earned.

We’re Friendly:

In our experience, Nice people finish first. Life is also too short to work with people you don’t like. Come work with us. We also enjoy good quality coffee. Let’s connect over a cup.

We Love Digital:

We live, breathe, eat, drink and sleep Digital


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