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The Power of the Consumer in the future of Marketing

Humans are beings of order and we struggle to process simultaneous external stimuli on a conscious level. On a subconscious level daily we are exposed to and filter thousands of

The Bad, The Ugly, The Very Ugly

The Truth about Ad Viewability and Ad Fraud in Africa (and the World). Much has NOT been said about the current state of Ad Viewability across the South African and

Why marketers should invest half their budgets into video advertising.

The words ‘invest’ and ‘advertising’ rarely appear in the same heading, but they should. There has always been a silent battle within organisations between two hemispheres of thinking, namely a

Marketing is native

The word ‘native’ is a word the world has adopted from our American friends but this time it is being applied specifically to digital marketing and media circles. Native media

How to survive ‘how to’ articles

With the meteoric rise of easy-to-use, self-publishing tools such as WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, and this platform, more people have more to say about more topics than ever before. Over the