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A vision for Africanews

At Africanews we believe in people’s intelligence and that News is not a matter of having preconceptions. Africanews is a media for all views and voices, ideas and perspectives.

Africanews aims to support an Africa Rising and to empower African people by giving access to independent, trustworthy and relevant national, regional and international news, business, culture, sport, sci-tech stories.

Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews and Africanews, initiated the ‘Africanews’ project in 2013.

In response to the question “Why Africanews?” Michael Peters answered: “Africa is a land of opportunities. It is a continent which is rising. But why can’t we hear what the Africans have to say, not only on African affairs, but on world affairs too? The demand for unbiased News is unmet. There is a gap to fill. This is why we are launching Africanews to pioneer independent News from the African perspective. A new adventure starts for a fully-fledged Pan-African network whose unique mission is empowering people through independent and reliable news."

Launched in 2016, Africanews is made by Africans for a growing Africa.

The media

Africanews is the new pan-African news media, unique in its concept and vision. Africanews covers sub-African and international news and business stories 24/7 in French and English languages from an African perspective. Africanews adheres to the same editorial charter as its sister channel Euronews, guaranteeing its independence. Africanews is striving to deliver factually-correct information in a non-superficial format. Unapologetically impartial, the Africanews team is made up of more than 50 journalists and technicians hailing from various African countries and working together to offer fact-based uncompromising journalism. Africanews benefits from the expertise and talent of an extensive network of correspondents across the continent.

Africanews on air, online, all the time

On January 4th, 2016, Africanews is launched globally on all screens and media platforms and is be available worldwide via africanews.com, built to fit all devices, whatever the connection available.

Henceforth, Africanews is broadcasted by satellite all over sub-Saharan Africa (SES 4 + SES 5). Africanews offers also tailor-made programmes, live streaming, VOD and interactiveservices on internet and mobile devices.